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The Pearl Laguna is an intimate wellness retreat located in one of Southern California’s most idyllic settings: Laguna Beach.

Nestled amongst the trees in Laguna Canyon, this twelve-bedroom, fourteen-bath luxurious ashram offers single-week and multi-week programs, designed to harness the transformative powers of yoga and nature.

The Pearl Laguna Program rejuvenates guests by combining a cleansing diet with three core activities: yoga, hiking, and meditation. Each day’s activities are thoughtfully conceived, so that they flow into and complement the next, creating a powerful whole.

This is a place and a program of rejuvenation. Guests come to cleanse and get into shape, renewing their Spirit and emerging from their stay stronger, healthier, and revitalized. The program at The Pearl Laguna is based on four pillars: Natural Exercise, Natural Food, Rest and Positive Loving Thoughts.

Created by two world-renowned yogis, Geo and Katresha, The Pearl Laguna not only offers a calming and gorgeous escape, it also provides proven results.

our founders


Katresha, co-creator of The Pearl Laguna, is an in-demand speaker on women’s wellness, meditation, yoga and nutrition. Her popular seminar, "The Power & Beauty of Yoga for Women" is presented to sold-out audiences at colleges and universities worldwide. She began practicing yoga as a young woman and was certified by Indra Devi as a yoga teacher and spent time studying with teachers in India and energy healers in The Philippines.

A native of Perth, Australia, Katresha studied at the London College of Health & Beauté and continued her studies in nutrition with Dr Bernard Jensen. She also worked as a spokesperson for Chanel. Katresha has been teaching yoga at studios in the United States and on retreats at locations around the world.

She created her own skin-care line, Katresha Pure Skincare following an automobile accident that left her skin damaged. Today her line has a devoted following and is available at top boutiques internationally.

In addition to Katresha's deep knowledge on yoga, women's wellness and skincare, she possesses an incredibly positive, kind, and caring approach to all she does and everyone she comes in contact with. People are drawn to her amazing generosity of spirit, beauty, unique style and warmth.

our Founders

Geo Takoma

Geo’s gift lies in bringing each person forward on their own unique path in yoga and health. A beloved teacher to both the beginner and lifelong yoga student, Geo is there to support, adjust, and enrich each person’s journey.

Having taught yoga classes for over 44 years, this pioneer of yoga empowers each of his students with positive, loving energy so each can find their own inner warrior. As the father of Power Yoga, Geo embodies health and balance, and he is passionate about his environment, his family, and his students.

His mantra…. "Good, good, good" resonates well beyond the yoga studio.After his service in Vietnam, Geo directed his life towards peace and healing, taking up the practice of yoga in 1972. He advanced his studies in India with several masters including The First Lady of Yoga, Indra Devi.

Geo returned to the United States as an ambassador of yoga and a champion of natural, healthful living, operating several yoga studios and also served as the fitness director at The Ashram.

Geo is an acclaimed author and innovator. He has authored, “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Power Yoga” and “The Warrior Within.” Geo has appeared on "The Oprah Winfrey Show", "Good Morning Australia", and took yoga around the world for The Millenium on CNN.One of Geo's favorite places is Tree House Paradise.

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